I’m Back!

I’ll start this blog off by saying, I hope to be getting back into the grove of blogging in the next few months, because, I’ll face the music, I haven’t been regular in posting these last few months. . . at all. Anywho.

I’m very excited for this coming summer. Why FullSizeRender-2.jpgyou may ask? I will be going to NAYC 2017.  NAYC, (North American Youth Congress) happens every two years and at the moment has over 30,000 people registered to attend, with all those people they’ve had to rent out a football stadium! This will personally my first time going to NAYC.

IMG_0097.JPGWith all that has happened these past few months, enrolling in public school and such, a lot has happened, good things. I’ve made lots of friends, and good memories. And with all my exposure to the French language I’ve also made much progress in my second language.

But even with all the exciting things that have been happening I’ll still be even happier to go back and see all of my old friends. As I’ve heard, “It’s nice to get away from home, but it’s always better to come back”, kind of like me and my blogging habits. 🙂

Today, we went to go see our Australian friends for tea and a nice walk. Cliche? Maybe, but it’s unexplainible how relaxed we all feel being able to talk English with someone. It is so liberating not to have to think about what we should say next or how to conjugate this or that verb. We met these friends in the spring of last year on a walk up some smoke stacks in the town, and when we saw them we said, “Bonsoir” (Good evening) to be polite, and as we walked down the smoke stacks Sophie points out that they were speaking English. We caught up with them later, hit up a conversation, and it went up hill from there.

FullSizeRender-1.jpgRecently I’ve also started writing in a “Prayer journal” which I was inspired to do after watching a movie called “War Room”, and since I don’t have a spare room I can set aside to praying I went to the next best thing, a journal. In it I’ll note down a Bible verse that touched me that day and a prayer I had; so far it’s going pretty well. At the moment I’m in the stage of writing things down, but soon I’ll be able to turn back on all of it when I’m in certain situations and need “inspiration” if you will. All this because I’ve been now realizing my significance in the school I’m in and the testimony I am for all my friends to see. Previously I’ve noticed that I haven’t been very public about the relationship I have with Jesus Christ and I want that to change. With whatever may come I hope that God guides me to do what is right. The desicions I make, the things I say, the way I carry myself. This is my goal for 2017, that I would be a witness to my friends and make a difference in my little part of this big world.


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