Our New Family Member

Recently we adopted a three year old dog. He’s very hyper, playful and frankly quite obedient. He does have an annoying knack of chewing things when he’s bored. That could range from slipper, jackets, or the table cloth.

IMG_7608It’s quite amazing that he has lasted as long as he has  because with our family’s track record with dogs this is the first one to not die.

As kids we always had pets. Our pets were not the normal though.  Our pets were more in the line of farm animals, for example we had pigeons, rabbits, quail and chickens. Getting a dog was kind of just giving us something to have that would give us a responsibility.

IMG_7576As of now he still needs some work with obeying but he’ll pull through. ;D

Now seeing as how this bed was meant for a beagle (the breed of dog we had before they died) he gets a little restless when he tries to sleep in it.

He’ll start off trying to fit in it and then end up sprawled over the floor nowhere near the bed.

Our dog Pollux also has the ability to jump hurdles so we can’t leave him in the backyard to spend energy or else he’ll jump the fence and take off. Let alone attack the chickens… oh yea we couldn’t live without chickens.  😉