Back On Schedule

With Christmas break over as well as our little vacation to Italy (took place mid December) we’re finally getting back to the “norm”. First week of school seemed to go on FOREVER seeing as we had just come from a mini “summer vacation” we had to get back into the habit of everything.

Mont Blanc, Skyway, Courmayeur, Val d'Aosta, Vallée d'Aoste

On our trip to Italy we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa which was pretty difficult to climb due to the tilt, and right before going through the border back to France we took the Skyway up the side of Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in the Alps) which was an amazing experience! The picture is of me at over 3km in the air!

Pisa, Italy, Leaning Tower, MKs, MK Ministries


January, I find, is a month where we want to make changes in our lives. Me being a student, my resolution might be to study harder, or to pay more attention in class. Since we have this new motivation to make the changes that would improve our lives, it feels like the devil is trying to keep us from making those changes in every way possible. That’s why as Christians one of the most important resolutions we make for ourselves should be to spend more time in the Bible, to counter the attacks of our greatest enemy. One of my teachers told my class of 8th graders that if we think that we are old enough or wise enough to battle Satan on our own, remember that Satan has been around for the entire earth’s existence. Chances are he know a lot more than we do.

Skating with friends in town.

So in this new year stay close to God and His word, because without God’s help… well… yer’ done. 😉