God’s Work Advancing

     I am so happy with what God has done in the short time we have been here. We kids getting involved with the music and things around the church really instills a feeling of involvement. Now I have realized that we didn’t leave all of our friends and everything we knew just to sit on the pew and watch mom and dad reach the people of a lost country, but that we could be a part of all that, and reach out to the young people of France.

     Maybe only seeing the kids at church once a week, and sometimes not even that often, may sound a little discouraging, but in another sense it gives us something to work for, something to shoot for. If we can show the kids here the wonderful love of God they will share that love with their friends at school and if one of those friends is going through trouble they will come to these kids.

    The kids here before we came might not even come that often, but when they knew that there would always be someone their age at church they have been coming much more avidly. This gives us a chance to stick our feet in the door of their life and make a difference.


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