Getting Our Computers

We came back from Friday prayer at church and dad tells me and my sister to go get a box out of the closet. We look at the logo on the box – “Staples” (An office supply store) – we just looked at each other and smiled both of us knew what the other was thinking. In the dining room my sister and I, just bubbling over with excitement, open the boxes carefully so as not to hurt the contents, and the first thing I do is, “Snap” and post, “We got our computers”.

picstitchFor those of you who don’t know the background of how we got our computers, every year we go to the French Conference in Montreal. This year we brought some scarfs from home and sold some to raise money to buy new computers. Not being very aware of what would happen on the second night of the conference Brother Kahozi a good friend of ours and pastor of the church called Sophie, my brother, and I and told the church of our need for new computers, and raised a fund of $1,700 plus the amount that we had made in selling scarfs. We greatly appreciate the Montreal Church and all others who donated.

This computer will be used for school reports and this blog of course.