I’m Back!

I’ll start this blog off by saying, I hope to be getting back into the grove of blogging in the next few months, because, I’ll face the music, I haven’t been regular in posting these last few months. . . at all. Anywho.

I’m very excited for this coming summer. Why FullSizeRender-2.jpgyou may ask? I will be going to NAYC 2017.  NAYC, (North American Youth Congress) happens every two years and at the moment has over 30,000 people registered to attend, with all those people they’ve had to rent out a football stadium! This will personally my first time going to NAYC.

IMG_0097.JPGWith all that has happened these past few months, enrolling in public school and such, a lot has happened, good things. I’ve made lots of friends, and good memories. And with all my exposure to the French language I’ve also made much progress in my second language.

But even with all the exciting things that have been happening I’ll still be even happier to go back and see all of my old friends. As I’ve heard, “It’s nice to get away from home, but it’s always better to come back”, kind of like me and my blogging habits. 🙂

Today, we went to go see our Australian friends for tea and a nice walk. Cliche? Maybe, but it’s unexplainible how relaxed we all feel being able to talk English with someone. It is so liberating not to have to think about what we should say next or how to conjugate this or that verb. We met these friends in the spring of last year on a walk up some smoke stacks in the town, and when we saw them we said, “Bonsoir” (Good evening) to be polite, and as we walked down the smoke stacks Sophie points out that they were speaking English. We caught up with them later, hit up a conversation, and it went up hill from there.

FullSizeRender-1.jpgRecently I’ve also started writing in a “Prayer journal” which I was inspired to do after watching a movie called “War Room”, and since I don’t have a spare room I can set aside to praying I went to the next best thing, a journal. In it I’ll note down a Bible verse that touched me that day and a prayer I had; so far it’s going pretty well. At the moment I’m in the stage of writing things down, but soon I’ll be able to turn back on all of it when I’m in certain situations and need “inspiration” if you will. All this because I’ve been now realizing my significance in the school I’m in and the testimony I am for all my friends to see. Previously I’ve noticed that I haven’t been very public about the relationship I have with Jesus Christ and I want that to change. With whatever may come I hope that God guides me to do what is right. The desicions I make, the things I say, the way I carry myself. This is my goal for 2017, that I would be a witness to my friends and make a difference in my little part of this big world.

Our New Family Member

Recently we adopted a three year old dog. He’s very hyper, playful and frankly quite obedient. He does have an annoying knack of chewing things when he’s bored. That could range from slipper, jackets, or the table cloth.

IMG_7608It’s quite amazing that he has lasted as long as he has  because with our family’s track record with dogs this is the first one to not die.

As kids we always had pets. Our pets were not the normal though.  Our pets were more in the line of farm animals, for example we had pigeons, rabbits, quail and chickens. Getting a dog was kind of just giving us something to have that would give us a responsibility.

IMG_7576As of now he still needs some work with obeying but he’ll pull through. ;D

Now seeing as how this bed was meant for a beagle (the breed of dog we had before they died) he gets a little restless when he tries to sleep in it.

He’ll start off trying to fit in it and then end up sprawled over the floor nowhere near the bed.

Our dog Pollux also has the ability to jump hurdles so we can’t leave him in the backyard to spend energy or else he’ll jump the fence and take off. Let alone attack the chickens… oh yea we couldn’t live without chickens.  😉

Back On Schedule

With Christmas break over as well as our little vacation to Italy (took place mid December) we’re finally getting back to the “norm”. First week of school seemed to go on FOREVER seeing as we had just come from a mini “summer vacation” we had to get back into the habit of everything.

Mont Blanc, Skyway, Courmayeur, Val d'Aosta, Vallée d'Aoste

On our trip to Italy we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa which was pretty difficult to climb due to the tilt, and right before going through the border back to France we took the Skyway up the side of Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in the Alps) which was an amazing experience! The picture is of me at over 3km in the air!

Pisa, Italy, Leaning Tower, MKs, MK Ministries


January, I find, is a month where we want to make changes in our lives. Me being a student, my resolution might be to study harder, or to pay more attention in class. Since we have this new motivation to make the changes that would improve our lives, it feels like the devil is trying to keep us from making those changes in every way possible. That’s why as Christians one of the most important resolutions we make for ourselves should be to spend more time in the Bible, to counter the attacks of our greatest enemy. One of my teachers told my class of 8th graders that if we think that we are old enough or wise enough to battle Satan on our own, remember that Satan has been around for the entire earth’s existence. Chances are he know a lot more than we do.

Skating with friends in town.

So in this new year stay close to God and His word, because without God’s help… well… yer’ done. 😉

December Already

I can’t believe it’s already December. We have almost been here in France for a whole year! When we first got here kids were a rare thing to see. They stayed at school until 6 P.M. and were inside after that. So at first we were pretty depressed about the fact that we had no friends, sometimes even insane. I know this might come as a shock but we made friends with our siblings, weird I know.

With time we soon got used to each other and in no time we had made some friends with one of our neighbours’ grandchildren. After being here almost a year, I don’t miss home as much. I still miss all my old friends and stuff like that, but now I think of France as my life.IMG_5340

Most people touring Paris would want to go see the Eiffel Tower, nope not us we see it on a somewhat regular basis. Castles…. noooooo… you’ve seen one old house, you’ve seen em’ all. This would apply to all kids, not just MK’s. If you’ve moved some place new and you’re still missing your old life, I promise it does get better. Because of this “adventure” I’ve become more skilled in instruments than I was in Canada.

With change comes the feeling of pressing the “reset button” and starting a new adventure.

God’s Work Advancing

     I am so happy with what God has done in the short time we have been here. We kids getting involved with the music and things around the church really instills a feeling of involvement. Now I have realized that we didn’t leave all of our friends and everything we knew just to sit on the pew and watch mom and dad reach the people of a lost country, but that we could be a part of all that, and reach out to the young people of France.

     Maybe only seeing the kids at church once a week, and sometimes not even that often, may sound a little discouraging, but in another sense it gives us something to work for, something to shoot for. If we can show the kids here the wonderful love of God they will share that love with their friends at school and if one of those friends is going through trouble they will come to these kids.

    The kids here before we came might not even come that often, but when they knew that there would always be someone their age at church they have been coming much more avidly. This gives us a chance to stick our feet in the door of their life and make a difference.

Getting Our Computers

We came back from Friday prayer at church and dad tells me and my sister to go get a box out of the closet. We look at the logo on the box – “Staples” (An office supply store) – we just looked at each other and smiled both of us knew what the other was thinking. In the dining room my sister and I, just bubbling over with excitement, open the boxes carefully so as not to hurt the contents, and the first thing I do is, “Snap” and post, “We got our computers”.

picstitchFor those of you who don’t know the background of how we got our computers, every year we go to the French Conference in Montreal. This year we brought some scarfs from home and sold some to raise money to buy new computers. Not being very aware of what would happen on the second night of the conference Brother Kahozi a good friend of ours and pastor of the church called Sophie, my brother, and I and told the church of our need for new computers, and raised a fund of $1,700 plus the amount that we had made in selling scarfs. We greatly appreciate the Montreal Church and all others who donated.

This computer will be used for school reports and this blog of course.